You think self-loathing can’t go past stratospheric heights; it can. 

I just hate myself in abnormal levels.

I should just end this shit.

  1. viperstiel said: Please don’t I like seeing you on my dashboard you’re awesome
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    Eh. ._. Hello there. I’m just the biggest dumbest fuckshit ever. Just. That.
  3. fatefeather said: Ooooooor. OR! You could have a hot chocolate, or anything chocolate, and curl up with your favourite movie/book/friend/lover?
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    Fuck, I don’t think my reply went through, but in case it didn’t: TALK TO ME. DON’T DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT. I KNOW WE...
  5. skanyx said: Whoa whoa whoa, hey! I know you feel like shit—trust me, we’ve all been there—but everyone unless you’re a sociopathic ass will say it is not. Worth. It. I know we don’t talk really at all, but PLEASE keep in mind that you can always talk to me.